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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Daddy and his Daughter

I have always wondered whatit was that made a relationship between a daddy and his daughter so special. I mean I am close to my daddy and just love him and know he would do anything for me. He is very protective, more with me than with mybrothers. There is just no relationship like it. I know he loves all of us kids, but somehow I just feel the relationship is just a little bit different--maybe because I am so sweet! :) But I have noticed that is how it is between other girls and their dads and even mothers and sons. So what is it that makes this so? I can't quite figure it out, but I do know there is something special about it. I see it in my home EVERY DAY!! Justin and Britlee just adore each other.Britlee and I have so much fun together all day and can laugh and smile and sometimes I am the only one that can calm her down, but I tell you when Justin gets home she smiles SO big. There is nothing like it. I just love it! When she's tired and Justin picks her up, many times she will just lay her head on his shoulder and snuggle and within just a short time she falls asleep. So precious.

I must admit I do love watching them play. When Britlee is really sad and crying Justin talks to her and does everything he can to calm her down. Most of the time it works. Amazing!

We sure have lots of laughs because of those two. One being the way Justin dresses Britlee. I tease him all the time telling him he sure is lucky she doesn't know any better, but someday she will see pictures and wonder what on earth he was thinking when he picked out her outfits. We have had quite the unique color scheme. Pinks and peaches and reds. Yes that would be all in one outfit. I think that one is my favorite. For awhile he had this favorite outfit and kept picking it out for her even if it was gigantic. At first I would tell him J that is just too big, but when he kept getting it out every time I would ask him to get her an outfit I knew it would be better just to dress her in it. She was so cute it didn't matter, and it made him smile. Another time was when he put her shirt on backwards. I couldn't figure out why it looked so weird. It had a collar and was just really puffy or something. I finally figured out why it looked so funny. It was on BACKWARDS!! I laughed and than asked why he put the tag in front instead of in the back. He smiled and said OOPS with a big grin. He didn't even pay attention to the tag he just saw buttons and thought for sure they had to be the back. I really love that guy. Britlee doesn't usually notice any of these weird things her dad does, she just wears the outfits he picks with pride, as if nothing was off. What a good sport :)

I am so in love with these two! There is no cuter pair.

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