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Friday, September 23, 2011

Anybody have any Rootbeer?

Ok so seriously I started this post a couple of weeks ago and now just getting back to it. Hopefully I will finish it. There are so many things to blog about all the time but I have no time or don't take the time. But I need to be better, why you ask? Well because it is fun and I think some people might actually read it and if I don't update it than there is nothing new to read and than you are just bored. So I will try and be better.

Britlee has become very fascinated with water bottles lately. Anytime someone is holding one she wants it; whether it's plastic or not she wants it. I think mainly because I always have one so she thinks she needs one too. Maybe? :) Anyways... so a couple of weeks ago we went to the church for an institute class. They had rootbeer floats after for dessert (YUMMY!). We were one of the last ones there and so the couple wanted to give us their the left over soda. We initially said no because we don't really drink it, but than they asked us again so we said sure since we have Cory, Aaron, Stephanie, and Melanie come over all the time --for sure they could drink it. So I was holding Britlee and Justin had gotten the soda. Britlee kept reaching for it and wanted it. Justin came closer so she could touch it and she basically grabbed it out of his hands. And this was not a small bottle mind you, as you can see below in the picture. But she sure wanted to hold it. Silly girl. She thought it was so great. She was holding on to it and smiling and laughing. As we were walking home I look at her and she is trying to suck on it. Oh my we just laughed and laughed. We tried to get good pictures but we were laughing so much she would get distracted and have to laugh too. So the pictures don't quite do the situation justice, but close enough. I tell you that girl is just too funny!

see little kisses!

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