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Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday ended our trip in Boise and we are now back at home in Beautiful Rexburg! We had a wonderful time :) I used to spend summers in Boise but that was so long ago I forgot most things so it was fun to go back and get a different perspective.

We stayed with a friend of mine from back home, Bridget, whom I have not seen since high school. Friday was filled with a campus tour of BSU, a question and answer seminar, meeting with the Business department, visiting my cousin Angie who I have not seen in more than 15 years, and of course we ended the night with a BSU game at Bridget's friends house filled with goodies and serious game cheering! Britlee and I enjoyed the game for awhile but than she was so tired so I wandered the house trying to get her to sleep. She would almost get there and than say oh wait there are people here who think I'm cute I can't sleep. (yes I really do think she thinks that, she is quite the entertainer) She finally fell asleep in the last five minutes.

Saturday was just as eventful with a trip to the Farmer's Market. We LOVE Farmers' Markets and we were extremely excited when we were finally able to go to the one here in Rexburg, but after walking through and seeing everything in 5 minutes we decided it was not worth the drive into town. So sad I know! So when we go other places and someone mentions one we have to check it out. When we were in Salt Lake a month or so ago we went to the one in Salt Lake and completely fell in love. Yes that sure is possible. (maybe not for everyone but for us it's so exciting. Small towns will do that to you I think) So when Bridget mentioned there being one in Boise we of course had to check it out. And yes we thought it was fantastic. So much to see and so many yummy things to try. It wasn't as big as Salt Lake but it still got us excited. There was this CUTE little boy, I say probably about 7 or 8, there selling his drawings. I tell you it was the cutest thing ever. Each drawing was 5 cents. We couldn't pass up the moment. Justin searched through the stack and found the perfect one and the boy even signed it for us. ADORABLE!! I think Justin gave him a quarter and the little boy wanted to give him change but Justin told him the rest was for him. He was pretty excited. What a great artist, starting so young. He was just sitting there with his glasses and cute little bow tie (yes of course I took pictures, BUT can't post them--well because there was a mishap that I will talk about later). After the Farmer's Market we headed over to our apartment tour. Yes, that's right, we are contemplating transferring to Boise State. So the rest of that afternoon was spent driving around viewing the city and apartment hunting. We saw some great ones. Some way out of our price range and some that seemed to make an impression. Others we wanted to view but offices were closed. So now if we decide to go we will just have to keep looking online and hope the one we pick makes us happy.

After a long afternoon of apartment hunting we went to check out the Capital Building, which was amazing. Took some pictures and than headed for the mall. Yes being in a big city we have to go to the mall. We wandered with amazement! You see our mall is not so big and could be eaten by this mall and still be hungry :) We grabbed a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory and headed back to Bridget's for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious meal of ribs, potatoes, and salad with a dessert of popcorn and cheesecake!! So delightful. We then ended the night with a movie. Britlee was already asleep and I sure didn't take long to follow. I am not sure I saw much of the movie.

And than Sunday we enjoyed some visiting and left midmorning for the drive home. The trip was great, but happy to be home. Britlee had a blast, but I think she enjoyed sleeping in her own house. I could tell this morning she was happy to be back home because she gave me a "welcome home" diaper! Lol we always enjoy getting one of those after a trip.
I'm sure after these great stories you are wondering where the pictures are, well I tell you there are some! Of course there are :) I know I am bad at taking pictures and really need to get better, but this time I really took some. Some good ones too, BUT there has been a mishap. Quite a tragic one I might add. The camera has been lost, yes you read that right-LOST!! I know it is very depressing. I can't believe it either, tears are almost streaming down just talking about it. The camera contains ALL of our pictures of Britlee and no not all of them have been transfered to the computer yet. We took pictures at the Capital Building and than the next time I wanted to take a picture it could not be found. Somewhere between Capital Building and Mall it has been misplaced. When we were at the mall we figured it was just in the car, but NOPE! AHHH!!!! So now we have no idea. We are home with no camera and broken hearts. Hopefully by some chance Bridget will find it in her car miraculously. We are hoping for a miracle. If not that is what I am asking Santa for Christmas this year. Or maybe from the birthday fairy :)

But even with the tragic end the weekend was fun. Justin fell in love with Boise--I think mainly because it was a big city and he loves to be in big cities. I on the other hand loved it, but not sure I want to move. Big cities aren't really my thing anymore. And I'm comfortable here in Rexburg. So it will be fun trying to decide what to do. So stay tuned for what we decide!

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