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Monday, August 8, 2011

Time Sure Flies When You Are Having Fun

All week I have been planning on doing a post but somehow just let other things get in the way. Number one being playing with Britlee, seriously that is WAY more fun than blogging so she always wins, and always will.

I can't believe it, but seriously for more than 2 years now Justin and I have been married. Can you believe it? Yes seriously, two years. It is truly amazing how fast time flies. I told Justin the other day that sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that we got married and other days it feels like we have been married forever. The forever part not being rude or complaining about torture but rather just that life is so great with him that I can't remember what it was like without him. Yes ups and downs come but I would take them for all the great days and moments.

What a wonderful man I married. Yes yes this will probably be a sappy post!!

Justin is truly my best friend. It's hard that he works so much because I don't get to tell him every second of every days' happenings, but that is probably for the better. :) Justin and I of course have a very interesting story. Honestly I must admit he is probably one of the last people I ever thought I would marry, but what do I know. Obviously nothing, because it was the best choice I ever made. The poor guy puts up with all my weirdness and crazy ideas. When I'm grumpy he loves me just the same or more so that I will get past it, what a guy! He works his little butt off for us so that I can be at home with Britlee, not only that he does it with a smile. Man I sure do get to have all the fun. He is the most patient guy I know and is really the only person (well besides my mom) that knows how to calm me down in stressful situations. He is the best dad a girl could ask for. He has jumped to the opportunity to change Britlee's diapers since day one, even when they are SUPER poopy. So all around he is just the best guy EVER!! Of course there are so many more things I could list but I won't do that, the post would be endless characteristics of Justin. And the best thing about him, ok well two of the best things are: he makes me laugh everyday (which was number one on my list of must haves in order to marry someone), and the fact that he loves me!!

After all that I know what you are all thinking, you're thinking you wish you would have married him :) hehe But too bad for all you ladies, I got him and I'm not letting him go!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Packer's! :0)
    It is only dad's who will change a poopy diaper. I know that is true.