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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Projects and more Projects

Forever I didn't understand why pregnant women counted down to their due date and just couldn't wait for it to be over. I am slightly beginning to understand it. Probably not to the same extent as some because honestly I feel pretty great, but I must admit every day my back hurts more and more. Today mainly because I was on my feet all day yesterday and my stomach is just poking out more and more so it puts a lot of pressure on the back--right?! :) So as we speak I am basically laying on my birthing ball. It helps, honestly. It does make it a little harder to type with a ball and a belly in the way, but somehow my arms are still reaching the computer! One more week until our due date, but honestly who knows when she will decide to make her appearance! About two weeks ago we went to the doctor and found out I was already 2 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced. How exciting!! As we left we both felt slightly unprepared, we thought oh my we weren't expecting her for at least 2-3 weeks. So we hurried and got the last minute things we could think of, of course everyday I think of more things. But at least we got the necessities. The following week we went to the doctor thinking maybe there would be more progress, but NOPE! This little one must be paying a lot of attention to Justin and I. We are always teasing each other and I guess she wants to join in on the fun :) We knew the progress didn't really mean much cause it could still be weeks, but we just got so excited that we might get to meet her soon. So now we are back on track just thinking she will come when she is ready! So in the mean time I am re-cleaning our apartment. This is a daily thing but now I am doing more deep cleaning and it drives me crazy that we have to mess it all up. It's just supposed to stay perfect til she comes. If you came to my house today though you wouldn't think I cleaned at all. I have stuff everywhere...mainly a blanket I am working on.
Also during my wait she and I have done more walking and talking. She can be quite the chatter box you know :) This is of course with all of her kicks and movements. We have been discussing a lot how crazy daddy is. He is constantly making us laugh. I must admit I think Justin really panicked at first (of course didn't say anything) when we thought she might come sooner than the semester being over. With all his homework and studying and such, how were we to fit it all in. But He has one more day and than it's over so she can come ANYTIME now. Now that she has teased us, I'm sure she will wait until we least expect her, I tell you, it's her teasing. to occupy my time I have continued sewing on a blanket I started for her and even started making headbands! It's so fun to become a mom for a little girl. I had no idea it would be so fun. I was kind of nervous since I didn't and still don't do all the cute girly things. But I am so loving all of this. So our little one will definitely be in style...well maybe :)
I am sure you are all curious and want to see my work in process projects so I am going to attach a few pictures. Someday I will finish the blanket but I need my mom or my aunt's help I think so we will wait for them.

I cut out pieces from a bunch of different fabrics as you can see and sewed them together.
Here I am trying to figure out how I want all the blocks arranged and put together. This last one is after it is all sewn together. Almost done!!

Here are all the supplies. Than the headband and finally the flowers to put on the headband!

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  1. So cute, Kelli! That blanket looks awesome. I CAN'T WAIT to hear the good news! Any day now! Oh my goodness you are going to LOVE what you're getting yourself into. :) Best of luck!!