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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Party Animals

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!! Seriously another year has gone by and we never cease to amaze ourselves in the excitement! We went to "The Craze Fun Zone" and played laser tag and had not so yummy pizza and ate some cupcakes, which were delicious if I might add. Laser Tag was SO fun, even I played. I know everyone else was shocked too. A woman from a month of her due date and running around shooting people. But it was fantastic. I am not sure I helped our team much, but we still did AMAZING! The kids all had fun too, our crowd seemed to be slimmer than we wanted, but still great. It sure does help to have tall guys on your team that can see over the dividers and shoot. Steph and I had to stay down low. In the middle of the second game I was so over the game and needed to sit down but I lasted and than sat out the last game.
These are our amazing Laser Tag champions! I didn't get to be in a picture because someone had to be the photographer!!
Now drum roll please...check out these amazing (wink wink) cupcakes. I got this great idea to make Justin a golf cake, but it called for coconut to be the grass and I hate coconut and so does Justin so that didn't seem too logical. So I continued to research and chat with my sister-in-law and this is what we came up with. Honestly I had SO much fun decorating these. The icing I made tasted great and than the decorating was just a blast. Justin came home before I finished so he wasn't really surprised much, but he was able to get a kick out of my excitement. I want to do another party so I can decorate more. So maybe I have found my new calling in life--cupcake decorating. LOL, ok so they don't look that great, but it's so fun. I recommend everyone do it at least once. Even a guy turning 25 and "cool" college students thought I was awesome!

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