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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Memory Lane

My parents brought up the rest of my stuff from their house this past weekend. Oh boy did my house look like a disaster and still does actually. I have to admit I don't mind going down the lovely road of memory lane because each time I have done so I have found $20. Seriously how amazing is that. I got $40 for just going through old stuff! I'm glad I am one of those crazy people that hid my money! The main reason for hiding it was because my brothers would come and "borrow" some. So I had to hide it so I would have some to use myself. Oddly enough I never remembered where I put it. In past moments of life visiting mom and dad's house and going through stuff I have found money in the most random of places. The most bizarre was probably when I found a ton of my money I had hid in a band-aid box I had in my night stand drawer. Really? Who is that crazy, but hey no one found it :) But because of my hiding I now am $40 richer from money that has probably been around for 10 years. Thank you boys for not finding it!
I have looked through so many old pictures and thrown away a lot, but still can't throw them all away. Why? Who knows. I'm never going to do anything with them. I found pictures from the beautiful beach of Florida. Definitely not getting rid of those-for a couple of reasons. One being it is so beautiful and I miss it, so I have to have something to look back at to say I lived there and it was great. Nice and warm. Another reason being I hadn't realized I was skinny! I looked great in a swimsuit. Ok maybe not great, but comparatively I did. I had to take a picture with my phone and send it to Justin and say "see I really was skinny at one point in life." :) Right now I am not sure those days will ever come again. I love being pregnant and the thought of being a mommy but when I can't even bend over it is nice to know that at some point in life it was ok for me to go out in public in a swimsuit. Right now I would rather die! are so fun to have. Before Ryan proposed to Karen he put me in charge of taking care of her ring and making sure it didn't get lost and she didn't see it! So I have to admit when Deanne came to visit in Florida we tried it on and took some great pictures! Of course it didn't look as good on our fingers but it was still fun! Also, going through these pictures I have realized that I take some really random photos. Some I look at and think why in the heck did I take a picture of that. So maybe I will do better now. Though I do believe when this little girl comes we will be taking pictures of everything!! Can't miss a moment!

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