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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A new Discovery

So I have decided that I am going to be better about updating the blog, but it never seems like there is anything much to say so I keep waiting and waiting. Maybe a short post is better than a long one anyways? How about one without pictures? Where is the fun in that? Well, honestly there isn't much but sadly there are no pictures this time but I thought I would post anyways!

Something I found out about Justin this morning, after 18 months of marriage--He talks to himself in the shower! Oh too funny. I opened the door and could hear him talking but couldn't figure out what he was saying so I waited a second and than he started talking again. What humor this has brought me. So I finally asked what he was talking about. He gave me a little embarrassed smile and said nothing. And than told me he had started putting soap in his hair instead of shampoo. What a nerd, but he makes me laugh!

We have a new addition to the DeVore family this week. My first niece :) Eliza was born on the 16th! Very exciting.

This past week I have been taking a trip down memory lane! My parents sent up a bunch of my stuff from my room that I have been saving over the years. Honestly why I feel the need to keep so much junk is beyond me, but it did make for a fun activity. So many things I had forgotten about. And I even threw a ton of stuff out! YAY for me. I didn't know keeping old school papers was so important, or old notes from boyfriends. I think that is something that made me laugh the most. Being young is so fun and looking back I now realize to a more full extent how big of a dork I was! But I love it! So I filled over 3 bags of trash and even have a few things to take to DI! What lucky person will get my "Colorjet spray?" I hope the next kid enjoys it as much and more so than I did.

I must say I have the best timing ever. Monday was of course Valentine's Day! I was so excited, see I used to hate Valentine's day but two years ago this Valentine's Day Justin proposed, so how can a girl hate the holiday now. I was making all kinds of plans, simple but nice. Justin was making his own so I was glad when we finally communicated on it so that we were on the same page. Of course he still had surprises up his sleeve that I was totally oblivious to, but I knew the dinner plans and that was most important. I had been planning on making his favorite meal, but he had been planning on going out, so I'm glad we finally discussed it. I would have hated to have made it and him come home and say lets go out. Anyways... so since he had to work during the day I decided that would be when I would take my trip down memory lane. After I finished I would decorate the house and make him a card. So I went through all my bins and had trash piles and a to shred pile, so basically stuff all over my living room. And then all of a sudden the door bell rings. I got a little nervous because I wasn't expecting anyone and was afraid they would want to come in, how embarrassing. But I opened the door anyways. And on my door was a beautiful red bad with lots of goodies. I smiled and closed the door. Of course it was from Justin! So I texted him thanking him for being so sweet, all the while thinking he had his sister or someone drop it off for him. A couple minutes later there is a knock at the door, I open it and guess what--it's my husband!! Apparently he had taken the day off so he could spend it with me. All morning he was on campus, while I'm thinking he is at work, doing his homework so he wouldn't have to worry about it the rest of the day so we can spend it together. SO sweet. But than instantly I thought oh no, seriously look at this place. I had made a disaster, hadn't showered, hadn't decorated, or made his card. I had previously given him his gift because I couldn't wait-you see I'm not very patient and I got the wrong shirt for him so I wanted to show him so I could take it back sooner. Anyways so my husband is amazing and quite the romantic while I am the big slob of the day. Needless to say I tried to hurry and finish and clean up so we wouldn't have to stare at my mess all day. Aren't husbands great! I think next time there is a holiday like that I will not decide to trash my house, but rather just clean it!

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  1. our house needs cleaning...wanna come do it?

    I used to be the clean freak...w/ a baby the house gets more & more messier(is that a word)
    and the dishes they get done sometimes...when the kitchen is a mess
    oh the good old days has just begun