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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's official!

It's official, Justin and I are Idaho Madison County residents. I suppose anyways, we just registered our vehicles and now our license plates say Idaho!! No more Colorado and no more New Mexico. I must admit, it is kind or a strange feeling. I'm not sure now how we will be able to find our vehicles in parking lots. If we forget where we park we just look for the different license plate. It almost feels like we have new cars. :) I think Justin is sad to have to give up his Colorado plates, but he still holds on to that driver's license like his life depended on it. He really tried to avoid at all cost registering his car here. He had his mom try and get his registration renewed in Colorado for him, but it was time for another inspection. We don't have inspections here, so where would he get it done seeing as he is not in Colorado and there were no plans to make it down there in January before the plates expired. So he braced life, probably shed a few tears behind doors, and he registered his vehicle in Idaho. I must admit even for myself it was a different experience. All my life I wanted to be in Idaho and have everything Idaho. So just over a year ago I took the test to get a license and now I have plates that say Idaho. It is a bitter sweet moment though. As much as I admit, New Mexico is not a favorite place of mine, but I feel as though I am growing up too fast and not having all these ties back to that place. Crazy, ugly, and hideous yellow plates I must say goodbye.
Bye Bye Colorado plates

We started birthing classes last week and had our second one last night. I really am enjoying them, mainly because she is teaching us how to relax and what better way than her reading us stories and sitting on comfy seats! I can do whatever I want, even lay down! And last night she taught the daddy's a new way to relax their wives by just running their fingers on our backs! I must say I do enjoy it. We also see lots of birth videos and it makes me laugh cause there is one guy who now and again squirms. Justin doesn't get phased much these days, before we got pregnant I made him watch a few online so he would know what was coming. I love the torture! But it really is a great class and we are learning SO much. Now if I would just learn to relax on my own.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!!! We love it. We have started to work out almost every night. Justin is better at it than I am since he hasn't gotten kicked out for not wearing the "right" shirt. But it is so nice. Hard I must admit since we usually can't go til about 10pm, after he is home from work or done with homework. But it's still nice to go and we feel so much better. Justin is just loving to play basketball so much. Sometimes his friend Dustin goes with him. Cory always says invite me, but he never shows up. What a silly boy.

So a bit of an embarrassing story I suppose. Last week Cory had asked if I would cut his and his roommates hair on Friday. Of course I would, but it was a busy day so it would need to be done late or on Saturday. I guess this didn't fit into their schedule so he wanted to just borrow the clippers. Totally fine, no big deal :) We I had a little extra time on Friday I wasn't expecting so I asked if they wanted to come over than or still just borrow the clippers. They decided to come over! Being pregnant I have to admit my brain is not always there 100% so we had a few exciting moments. Dave, Cory's roommate was super nervous about getting his hair cut by me I guess. So he was just there to watch and if I did a good enough job on Cory's hair he would let me cut his. Too funny, boys make me laugh. I have cut my brother's hair quite a bit and now Justin's so I wasn't worried. So I got dinner on the stove before they arrived so I wouldn't have to worry about it until it needed to go in the oven and by that time we would be done. We are all talking and laughing away. I'm almost done with Cory's hair but needed to get around his ears. With our clippers at home we didn't have the "ear clipper" so I am still trying to get adjusted to that because our set does. Justin loves it so I always use it on his ears. So I just start buzzing around Cory's ear and guess what--it cut SUPER short. How in the world it got that short I have no idea. Seriously it had never happened that way before. So the poor kid has just around his ears super short. Now you would think not a big deal right if it's just around his ears, but guess what it showed and it showed big time. So I had to redo the whole bottom part of his head and do everything I could to make the other side match. I do admit it turned out quite nice and Cory had no complaints. But Dave was not about to let me touch his hair. I have a feeling Cory will be asking for the clippers next time either of them want a haircut. It was humorous but I was kind-of embarrassed. I really don't know how it happened. But it turned out just fine :) I should have taken pictures to show my "masterpiece."

The Baby is still growing and moving around like crazy. Just yesterday at the doctor's he was trying to hear for her heartbeat and he said she just keeps moving! So it's fun, even in the middle of the night when I am trying to sleep! :) She is head down already! So we hope she doesn't flip but just moves so her back is out and not to the side! I can't believe how fast time flies. We still have time to prepare and learn but it still seems so close.

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