Two Crazy Kids


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's shirt is this anyways?

I am not sure if you can tell from this picture but one shirt is mine and one shirt is Justin's. Now there is a VERY funny story to go with these amazing shirts. Just before Christmas my brother Ryan and his wife Karen and their little guy, Ryder, came for a short visit and to pick me up for a little road trip back to New Mexico. Ryan has his own businesses and makes these shirts for it. They were so kind to bring us each a shirt, of course we were thrilled! I had added them to the laundry pile before I left town so that they would get washed since one landed in someone's plate of food :) While I was gone we skyped with Justin and one day I noticed he was wearing one. No big deal right? After returning back to Rexburg Justin informs me that Ryan must have made a mistake because he gave Justin a size Youth Large. This would be craziness right, Justin does not wear youth sizes. I kind of laughed and said, "No, I remember him giving you a large and me a youth large." Justin was very sure that he got a youth large and informed me it was super tight. I laughed and told him that most likely he had worn my shirt and not his own. As days went by and conversations continued about this shirt I asked him why on earth he would wear it if it didn't fit. He said "well I couldn't get it off so I wore it the rest of the night." :) Oh man my husband is absolutely adorable. After doing the laundry again I found both of the shirts and asked him which one he had worn. And of course as we all can predict, he wore mine and there was still another shirt--HIS! Honestly, I wish he would have taken a picture. But we won't torture him and make him put it on again so I just took pictures of the lovely shirts! The first is of them side by side. The second is one on top of the other to show a difference just for humorous purposes. He must have been SUPER uncomfortable!

Picture #2!! Yes there are two shirts and one is for me and one is for Justin! Poor guy. But as always he never ceases to make me laugh! After finding out Justin had a shirt of his own that would fit he put it on and has worn it many times since. And every time he says, "This fits SO much better!"

This is a "lovely" picture of me at 28 weeks! Justin and I can't believe how fast time really does go by. Pregnancy is great--now don't get me wrong, not all of it is great but it is best not to think about those moments. I love it when our little angel moves. She is always on the move actually so I can only imagine what she will be like when she is here with us. A name still hasn't been picked, but that is always on our mind. I am sure when she arrives we will just know which one is right for her. Only a couple more months and most days I don't feel ready yet so I am glad we have time.

Because my husband is adorable I have to add a picture of him as well! This is his first day of school for the semester! He loves school, though I think he might be rethinking it some days with all the homework he has to do and the little amount of time he has to do it. He is such a trooper!


  1. You got your blog fixed, I see! Hooray! April will be here before you know it! You're going to have the time of your life. And yes, the wiggles NOW are just a little teaser of how wiggly they become. Let's make sure your daughter and my daughter room in college together, okay?

  2. Sounds great! They will be the best of friends! It took me forever to fix this thing, but i think i finally got it! I hope i never mess it up again cause it takes forever to fix and i ended up changing some things too. So hopefully it looks better. lol. Hope you are good!

  3. :0)
    i love feeling the baby kick...