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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's a...GIRL!

The baby's first outfit! After the doctor's appointment we went straight to Walmart to buy the first outfit. Of course I was super excited and Justin thought I was a little crazy buying it so soon. We searched everywhere for a onsie or something that said "It's a girl." No such luck, so we searched for something cute and not pink. Not much could be found, especially what we liked. I found a white onsie and thought it would be perfect to show everyone and make them guess. But than this outfit was hunted down and it did exactly what we wanted. People got confused, which was our plan, makes things more fun. The first person we showed was my mom! And boy did she react JUST like we wanted :) We are mean and showed her the back first so all she saw was blue and so she thought it was a boy but as soon as she said that I turned it around to the front and she said well that's pink...WHAT IS IT!!! We loved it.

As you can see we are having a GIRL!!!!! Yay! :) She is perfect already, and not just according to Justin and I but to the doctor too. She is very healthy and in the 49th percentile for size, so average, and the doctor says that is perfect.
No official name is picked out yet, but we do have some time. I have already been online to a few different sites looking for clothes. Justin says I can't buy anything yet, but it is still SO fun to look. Family has gone crazy with excitement. Girls are rare on my side and this is the first grandchild on Justin's! We are happy everyone is excited with us, it makes it that much more fun.

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  1. EXCITING!!!!
    We are so happy for girl baby Packer!!! :0)
    It is fun & it gets even better...