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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is that the baby?

So much has happened in the last few weeks. Justin was of course gone for 3 LONG weeks but we made it through and he is home now. At week 17 I started feeling the baby move! It was a very exciting moment. A couple of days before I realized it I thought there was just something wrong with my tummy. Gas or something I guess. But than I kept feeling it and it felt like just a little poke. So I talked to mom and told her what I was feeling and what I was thinking it was. Because of the expert she is she was able to verify for me that it really was the baby!! I couldn't wait to tell Justin when he got done with training for the day. He got so excited and wanted to be home right away so he could feel too. I had to tell him that it was ok because it would be at least a couple more weeks before he would be able to feel the baby too.
After 3 long weeks Justin arrived home Friday! He kept trying to feel the baby, but no such luck. Sunday morning I felt a stronger kick so I put my hand on my belly and I felt it! I tried to get Justin so he could feel it too, but sadly he was in the bathroom and he missed it. So I had to break the news to him, what a sad face he made :( So for the rest of the day long he kept trying to feel the baby but it was not cooperating. So he went to bed with another day of not feeling our baby. As usual we climbed in bed late and in a matter of just a few short minutes Justin was snoring. I of course could not sleep yet so I just laid there trying to think of all the things I needed and could do the next day. AND much to my surprise and slightly to my dismay(seeing as it was so late and I was tired) the baby was moving lots. At first just little movements and than the bigger ones came. AHHH I was so excited. I sat there debating whether or not to wake up Justin since he had a VERY early morning because of work. But being the GREAT wife I am I woke him up. It took a few nudges and not just the light nice ones, but pretty big shoves :) he finally woke up. And yes you guessed it Justin got to feel our baby for the first time. The baby was finally ready to say hello to daddy! And not just once, but twice and than at least 3 more times. Justin was SO excited. But the poor guy was really struggling to stay awake so he said goodnight again and rolled over and back to snoring:)
So as you see the belly is growing and mommy and daddy are growing with greater excitement everyday!

WEEK 20!!


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  1. Exciting!!! :0)
    There will be lots more, just you guys wait
    how exciting~