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Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Fiasco

I am so excited, a few weeks ago Cory took some "family" pictures for us. I thought it would be fun to have family photos before baby with the pregnant belly and such and of course we will be taking lots after she arrives! So Cory being so nice said he would do it--mainly because it meant he could use his fancy camera!

It was a cold day, but when are they not cold in Rexburg? After the pictures were taken, getting them to the store to be developed was seriously a huge fiasco. One I kept forgetting to get them developed. I would go to Walmart and have the film in my purse and on the drive back home realize I forgot to drop them off. That had to of happened at least 3 times. I finally took Cory with me so he kept reminding me to do it. When I went to pick them up only one was there. Interesting to me that they say it is a two day thing and I had waited a week and they only had one done and not two. So lame. So the pictures below are the ones from the first roll, and the second-well I gotta find a way to put those on CD because Walmart had too much difficulty I guess. When I went to pick up the second roll they had made them slides and not pictures. I was SUPER confused. I didn't even know you could still do that. lol. So I told them I didn't want them, I had requested the pictures and a CD. So they fixed it and I went back to pick them up after they called and told me it was ready. That trip I assumed (which is never a good thing) that it was right and just paid for it and left. When I got home guess what, NO CD! Seriously so frustrating, so now I am waiting for Justin to be able to go and say something. Maybe than they will get it right. I really don't know why it is so hard. But anyways we have some pictures. I am not very photogenic so please take that into account. I swear these pictures make me look bigger than I am, but maybe I just have a different perception or at least what I am hoping for. HAHA so enjoy our little family!


  1. Kelli
    that was a super idea! Family pics while being prego...
    they look awesome & good job Corey!

  2. sorry I do not how to spell Cory...I have a couple of Cory friends & I dont' know how to spell each one...
    my bad