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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who me?

So first off I must apologize to any that care (probably mainly me) that I have not been keeping up on my blog. I am such a slacker! I want to so bad and I have TONS of pictures and stories from this summer but just haven't taken the time to type out clever thoughts. So maybe this week or weekend but in all reality probably not. BUT I do have a short story for today. Just a little story of how funny my little lady is. 
Last night we were putting Britlee to bed and I burped (so gross yes I know and SO unlike me hehe). I looked at Britlee and said Britlee how could you and my comedian of a daughter looks at Justin and points to herself and makes a face like "Who me?" Oh seriously it was a crack up!! She is so funny and just knows when to do something to make it hysterical! 
So that's my story for today. More posts to hopefully follow soon. Some summer photos, anniversary activities, beach fun....the works! Just wait :) Ok it may be months but they'll show themselves eventually!!!

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