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Friday, August 3, 2012

What to say

Below you will find lots and lots of pictures of parts or our summer. I couldn't figure out how to get it to align like I wanted so sorry. I'm a little annoyed but such is life. These pictures consist of our summer at home, at Deanne's, and on our way to other adventures away from home. Eventually I'll do specific posts but for now just pictures with little captions. 

Enjoying the outdoors

Trying to put on her own shoes! Doing pretty
good I'd say

Loving the dino. I think she thinks she is the
coolest kid with that thing

A day at the park

She loves the slide and Zane sure liked helping
her climb up and go back down
Here I am

This is so fun!! Seriously Britlee thought this was the greatest thing that existed.
She wanted to play on it every day we went back
Riding with Zane

A masterpiece

Such a beauty
A little tired from all the graduation partying

We are SO proud of Tyler!! 
This is Matthew, Deanne and Brian's nephew and
now Britlee's new best friend. 

Just too cute

"I Love Fishing!!!"
I'll get those fish one way or another

First plane ride!! On our way to see
Aunt Jeneil and Uncle Ron

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