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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Adventures

So Justin left us at the end of April and since then our lives have never been the same. I've been more tired than ever and extremely bored. Not that Britlee is in any way boring, but when she sleeps and there is no one to cook for, no one to watch movies with, no one to bug, no one to snuggle with....then life gets very boring. So we have tried to do things to keep us entertained and our minds a working. We have increased our walks and our trips away from home. We visited our friends Carol and little Bailey a couple of times which is always great. They always seem to make us feel better. We took a few more shopping trips then normal but I'd say we've been pretty good on not spending much and doing mostly window shopping. We've learned more of Britlee's artistic abilities. I'd say she was a natural.
Our first little trip was to Salmon to hang out with my cousin's while my aunt and her husband went to Boise to watch my cousin Tyler run in the state track meet, in which he did awesome!!! Britlee LOVED being with the boys. I have never seen that girl follow boys/guys around so much. She's always around girls so she's more comfortable but ever since Justin left she has seriously needed manly attention and she follows it. It must be that comfort thing. I get that way too. When I feel sad or upset I just need a man hug and seem to feel much better real quickly.

We then had a second trip to the same place. Salmon was a hot commodity for us. Tyler graduated high school and is headed to Boise State. Tyler was one of his high school Valedictorians! I am SO proud of him. Britlee LOVED all the attention she got. People were wanting to hold her and snuggle her and make her laugh. She followed the kids around everywhere. She is quite the social butterfly. My Uncle Brian's family tried to share a piece of chocolate cake with her and she spit it out. I was pretty proud of her. I mean she's never been much of a sweet tooth, always enjoyed the veggies more than anything and I sure didn't want her to be like me and ALWAYS want something sweet. I must admit though, since then she has turned over a new leaf and now loves chocolate, her momma's daughter I suppose. 

After all of our Idaho adventures we ventured off to Arizona! What an adventure that was. Britlee and I had to catch the bus at 5am to ride to Salt Lake (it didn't show until 5:30am) and my goodness thank goodness for a break because it was hard for Britlee to sit in her seat surrounded by strangers and to take care of her business...yep that's right. I'd say the airport wasn't near as bad as I imagined that it would be. I had to get us all into the airport but once in people were nice and things were easy. We had a bit of a wait at the airport so we did a lot of rounds by the gate we were going out of. She got a little restless in the stroller so I took her out for a bit. That may have been a mistake, but she sure loved it. Britlee decided she wanted to push the stroller all by herself, she is quite the big girl you know; quite helpful. People kept laughing and she loved it even more. 

Britlee was definitely very chatty with the people we sat with. I hoped she would nap, but she wouldn't so it made it for an interesting day. Uncle Ron and Aunt Jeneil were right on time, or actually probably early. I had forgotten how big the Las Vegas airport was, it's a good thing there are signs or we would have been super lost. Arizona was a blast. We spent a few days at the house and then traveled on up to Utah to see Justine, Tyrel, and Chance. Ron and Jeneil's dogs LOVED Britlee and just kept trying to lick her. Of course I think dog licks are so gross but Britlee would usually laugh. She would try and push them away sometimes but she really enjoyed their attention. She would even chase after them. Britlee would also just stare at the fish in the fish tank. In the mornings she would sign fish and work her way over to see them. Such fun adventures. It really was a blast, we can't wait to go back. 

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