Two Crazy Kids


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moo Moo Juice

So I know I have been very bad add keeping up on my blog but maybe someday there will be more hours in a day, but for now there isn't so it probably won't happen much. Even though I want to. But this morning I have a little funny story and so I'm just going to be real fast. I have been trying to introduce whole milk to Britlee a little at a time. Slowly, as I think that is best blah blah. Yes I have my reasons and it may be weird to most but o-well. Anyways...I always ask her if she wants some milk and she says yes so I proceed to give her some but then she won't drink it. She has a taste and won't touch it again. She's probably thinking "silly mom that's not milk." So this morning I thought I should try a different name and see if she would drink it or if she really just doesn't like real milk. Today I called it moo moo juice and my goodness she had some and then wanted more and then some more. So apparently it does taste good, it's just not milk! I guess that's what happens when you nurse and they know what milk is!!! Anyways Britlee is so funny and so dang smart!! 

PS Florida in 5 days!!!!!


  1. great job at getting her to enjoy her milk! :0)

  2. That is pretty funny. lincoln never had anything but breast milk either and I was worried he wouldn't like real milk but it didn't phase him. Belle had formula after 7 months but she was actually the one who didn't care for milk in the beginning. Some kids just know the difference or are pickier. We are excited to see you soon!