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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Never Enough

This post won't be long, I don't think. I was just thinking as I was sitting here that I need to do a post or two and post pictures of our summer so far but it's getting late and I'm tired so I'll write a little post. Today I have been thinking how sometimes we take things for granted, I'm sure I do it far too often. I wish I could change that and I plan on working at it but something I am realizing is that just because people don't talk about everything they are going through and dealing with doesn't mean they aren't hurting or aren't going through something. Everyone has something that's hard in their life and we all, particularly me need to be more understanding and aware of that. It may not be in my face and they may fake it, but I need to be a little more sweeter and read between the lines.

On a better note I'm feeling extra lucky to be a mom today! Even though I have felt more and more exhausted and feel as though I finally get a nap and then Britlee wakes up, I feel lucky. Not much sleep equals and little extra grumpiness until your child leans over and gives you a big kisses and climbs on your lap just to snuggle. Not only that but she smiles a cheesy smile and giggles and walks all around. I am so proud of my little girl and feel lucky that God has blessed me with such a miracle in my life.

So that's my day!

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