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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monkey Time

So I believe it’s catch up time. Yet again I haven’t posted in FOREVER and SO much has happened. We had a HUGE event, Britlee turned one!!

I can’t believe how fast time flies. She has gotten so big and just keeps on growing. I swear she is the smartest and cutest kid ever. Yes, I’m bias, but I still think it’s true.

So our little lady sure turned one. She had a cute ladybug/bumble bee party. Lots of friends and family and good food. Britlee loved and hated all the attention. When we sang to her she got pretty startled and didn’t know what to do. Her presents were great but she no longer wanted to help by the time she was done with first bag. There was a ball in it and that was the end of that.

Even though a year has passed and I have forgotten what happened yesterday I can still almost remember everything that happened on the day Britlee was born. I remember certain feelings, thoughts, some conversations and especially the way I felt when she was born and when I held here. Oh I tell you PERFECTION!!

Now to tell you how smart my little angel is. She can do anything! She has pretty much decided for now though that she may just want to be monkey. At least I think she must because she climbs everything, including me. Britlee can either say or sign 25 things. She reads everything she picks up and finds it all very interesting. She even explains it to me. So these are just a few examples but I tell you I think it proves she is the smartest.

Summer has begun and Justin is gone. He left over a month ago now. So it’s just been Britlee and me, some days it’s far too quiet for our liking. But we keep pretty busy. I’ve started, key word here is started, my “spring cleaning.” I certainly haven’t gotten very far because I get distracted and start something else. So everything is just in disarray. But I started it and that’s an accomplishment in and of itself right. We have visited our friend Carol in Idaho Falls a couple of times and traveled to Salmon to see my Aunt and her family. As a matter of fact my cousin Tyler just graduated and was Valedictorian! So proud of him. He’s got great scholarships for school and has chosen to attend Boise State. So you see it’s in our jeans for my daughter to be brilliant!

Justin just LOVES Florida. He has been having way too much fun on the beach with Ryan and Cory. They are always laughing and telling stories. I swear they don’t really work but they “say” they do. And because Justin is so sweet he says life would only be perfect if Britlee and I were there with him. Of course we can’t wait to go visit. I’ve been trying to get Britlee all ready, but for now she just stares and laughs at me when I tell her how fun it will be.

We head for Arizona on the 9th to visit my aunt and uncle and then on to New Mexico. We will be world travelers by the time the summer is over. Britlee will have visited 5 states and flown on a plane before the summer is at an end. And I thought her first year was busy, but it’s looking like her second will be pretty close if not more so.

Our mornings are filled with exercising on the wii with Carol and Bailey and naps. Britlee really likes to workout with me. She is always trying to get on the wii and I’ve caught her on it a few times when I wasn’t looking. She sure is funny. She is a mimicker. She wants to do everything I do! Just the other day she was in the tub so I sat by it and take off my nail polish and she wanted to do it too. I gave her a q-tip and she started cleaning her toenails. J  She sure makes me laugh. I feel so lucky to be her momma. I've been looking for some safe polish for babies and kids and I think I finally found some. I'm pretty excited so I think I'm going to be purchasing some in the very near future! So be looking for some pictures of some adorable toes!

Well there is our life in a nutshell. I believe I have repeated a few things because I start posts and then never finish them and then post them and post new ones without really paying attention. So sorry if that has happened but there is so much more to share so hopefully I'll not be a crazy slacker and wait months before posting. 

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