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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding stuff

Today was a very busy day! It was my second time out on the wedding dress hunt. The first opportunity I had was with my sister in law, Karen, who so kindly drove to Portland to meet me. It was a crazy day, but a day full of pretty dresses and trying to find what I liked. Those ideas definitely helped me with today's adventures. Karen and I searched and searched-even got lost on our drving, but still had a lot of fun. Well I did, she was probably exhausted. But she had great ideas and really helped me with some plans!
My mom and Cory flew into Medford last night and we spent the morning at a dress shop. SO many more pretty dresses. I have a few picked out and now can move forward in thinking about those and continuing to look (hoping for a great deal--like a HUGE sale) and eventually pick the right one! Cory started going crazy following us around through bridal store, floral shops, and craft stores, but it was a blast!! It is so nice to have mom around to make plans and get ideas instead of doing everything over the phone! It has been fun to discuss our ideas and find out what we are really thinking, instead of just talking about we have been showing each other. I'll be sad to have her leave.
Justin is still plugging away at school and seriously can't wait to come and visit me in a week :) LOL of course-right! It will be fun though, then we can get some more ideas and get wedding plans a little more on the move! I am SO excited he is coming. I'm super sad I have to work so much since we are approaching the end of tax season but the more time I get to spend with him the better! He will be here for a week!!


  1. So fun!!! I do not have any advice for dress shopping...I just borrowed and that was great too! :) Have fun with Justin and tell him we said hi and call me when you can.

    Love, Mags

  2. I really like this idea and the music. But where are the pictures from last week??? lol