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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

our dating story

Where shall we begin on this great story Justin and I have? Yeah I know, really difficult because it kinda just happened:) Justin and I met on our mission in Utah and like most of my buddies we kept in touch. Justin basically stocked me and eventually I gave in. LOL-totally kidding. Really-we would do a friendly update now and again. Justin was fun to talk to and seemed to just listen when I was having difficulties with dumb boys. We decided that it would be so fun to hang out and go snowboarding when I got a break from school. We started talking on the phone in the Fall of 2008 and just laughed and made fun of each other. Eventually it seemed as though feelings of friendship had grown slightly into maybe more than that. I of course being paranoid and the dork that I am said no way! Justin was patient and just said whatever :) So we just continued to talk. I planned a trip to go to Denver to see him on my way home for Christmas. I was SUPER nervous and as it got closer really wasn't sure what to do. I hadn't seen Justin since he first got off his mission at our mission reunion. I was so unsure how I felt about him, was it really worth jeopordizing a friendship just because we had a blast talking and because we liked each other? What if it didn't work out? Oh man I was super stressed but went anyways.

My sister-in-law and I drove down together-a girl road trip! What a blast we had! She was the first to meet Justin! He didn't talk much-what is this, Justin nervous--YEAH RIGHT! He had an super early morning job and hardly had any sleep so he wasn't too chatty. The family meeting and seeing Justin was awkward and nerve wracking but as the week went on got better and better!! We then drove to New Mexico so I could be home for the holidays and he flew home a couple days before Christmas. I thought all this time together would be insane and drive us crazy and make us never want to talk again--but as usual I was wrong and it was the complete opposite. I missed him like crazy and wished he had never left. To my suprise he came back to see me after Christmas!! What a guy! He told me he wanted to marry me, I cried and said uh, i don't know. He said it was ok, and I could take my time. Well I couldn't stop thinking about it and after I moved to Oregon I was wondering what the heck. So we talked about it and decided it was the right thing to do!!! For what seemed like forever (really wasn't-only a little over a month) it was all just talk. But then I flew to Denver for a short visit because I had the weekend off of work AND thats when Justin asked me to marry him--officially with a ring and all!! We were very excited and called my family! Of course they already knew it was coming, but still were very excited. So now we continue to plan the wedding with miles and miles between us, which totally sucks-but we are surviving!

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