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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Proposal

This was a very interesting day! I had originally planned to propose to Kelli when I was going out to Oregon to see her over my spring break but the more I thought about it the sooner I wanted to do it. She planned a trip to come out and visit me Valentines day weekend. I had it all planned out, I was going to take her to a place called Boulder Falls. But that plan was shot because someone didn't show up for work, aka flight attendant for her plane! So her flight was delayed 2 hours and then it was canceled. She ended up getting on a plane to San Fransisco and was on standby for a flight from there to Denver that would put her in Denver at 5:30. When she got to San Fransisco she was able to get on a plane that got her to Denver at 3:00. I had thought and thought of a place where I could propose to her because it was too late for Boulder Falls. I had decided on a place near my house, it was a pavilion that looked over a small lake. I went and picked Kelli up from the airport and was so excited to see her I was so happy she had made it. On our way to the place where I was going to propose to her I told her I had a surprise for her. As we parked she had a very confused look on her face and I couldn't help but smile :) we got to the pavilion I gave her a hug and then.........asked her to marry me and she said YES!!! We were so excited it was a very special moment for both of us. Then we went to a Colorado Mammoth game and had a blast! So what looked like was going to be a bad Valentines Day turned out to be one of the best days we've spent together so far! Now the countdown continues until I go out to Oregon and spend a week with Kelli! 3 more days!!! :)

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  1. How great! See marriage is wonderful...the planning....the asking....your whole life together!! :0)