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Monday, April 2, 2012

Book Worm

Who needs tv when you have Britlee?! I sure don't. She is always keeping us entertained. She loves to sing and read books and a lot of times even dances. As of lately she LOVES to climb up the stairs. No, this isn't anything new but before she would wait for us; now she just takes off. Most of the time could care less, until she is at the top of course, if we were following her. On Saturday we were watching General Conference and she would go up, I would follow and bring her back down, and then a few minutes the cycle would repeat. Finally we gave up on bring her back down. She eventually went into her room and shut the door (a new phase as well, to shut all the doors). She was in there for at least 20 minutes just playing. Justin and I just sat outside her door and laughed. We laid down and did our best to peak under the door so we could see what she was doing. She just pulled books out of her box and read them, would put one down and go to another part of the room and read another, and then another and another. She would read parts and then just laugh. Justin and I laughed SO hard. We couldn't believe she was so content and didn't even care that we weren't in the room and that she didn't have anywhere to go. I love my little book worm and she is quite the reader! :)

Britlee has been walking along things for quite sometime and in the last few weeks has started pushing anything and everything she could around the house so she can walk with them. She still isn't quite ready to let go of things and walk by herself but she sure is getting close.  She LOVES to help momma in the kitchen. She loves to stir in a bowl, she is quite good at it and she'll even use the spoon to move things around, mainly on the kitchen floor. Quite a hoot to watch. She has discovered the joy of her turtle toy. She tries to climb on it and ride, but her legs aren't quite long enough so she'll make her little noises to let us know she wants to get on. Once she is on she plays for a bit and then climbs right off. Her favorite part is the music it plays. She'll dance with it and when it stops she pushes the buttons again and again. She even tries to push and/or pull that around the house, but it's not so easy on the carpet. 

Justin is in his last week of school for the semester and he is just so excited. He sure has worked hard. Now he just needs to plug through the last week and then work like crazy until he leaves for Florida. If you haven't heard he is going to work with my brothers in Florida for the summer. He's SO excited. He tells everyone about it. Britlee and I will miss him, but we do get to go visit and I just can't wait for that. So Britlee and I are trying to decide on our summer plans so we stay busy and not miss her daddy too much. So we'll go home for a visit to New Mexico, which my mom and dad just can't wait for. I hear from them almost every day to find out when we are coming! So I guess we better figure that out soon so they don't go crazy with anticipation. 

Work for me is almost over. I've started counting down. It has been great and I've really enjoyed the experience but I just can't wait to not have to leave Britlee. Somedays it sure is hard and it throws a damper in our day. So it will be nice to be done. 

She was looking for her belly button!

So stinkin cute!
A day at the park and trying to climb up


  1. Britlee is so CUTE!! She looks just like you Kelli!
    Have fun this summer w/o Justin. You'll miss him like crazy & Britlee will too!

  2. You know, if you are looking for something do to this summer, I know this girl who is graduating but doesn't get a license until July... I hear she is pretty cool and I am POSITIVE she will be bored and lonely this summer. You should spend some time with her. Just sayin'. :)