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Friday, February 3, 2012

A Proud Mama

Ok so I realize it has been FOREVER since I have blogged. What a slacker I am. I honestly can say I never thought life would get any busier than it was when I was in school, and then I thought wow I can't get any busier then this when I was on my mission, then I thought that when I got married and was in school and then working, and then I thought oh life can't get any busier then it is after having a baby...WELL I was SOOO wrong. In the last few months I have taken classes with H&R Block so that I can prepare taxes this year, I have started working, we moved, Justin's working still and going to school, and Britlee is growing and crawling everywhere and walking along furniture. I tell you I don't think I will ever say life couldn't get any busier because I have been so dead wrong in the past.

As was mentioned we moved, but we are still in Rexburg. We moved into a wonderful townhouse, which we love. It was a pretty hectic time and timeframe for that matter, but it all worked and we are almost settled :)
I still can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. I missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years...Oh boy so I'm warning you now there will be a post with just a bunch of pictures I'm sure.

Our sweet little Bumble Bee, Britlee, is sure growing fast. Just the other day Justin and I were discussing how it is happening far too quickly and we aren't sure we like it. Ok I know I don't like it, but I can't stop her. I've already tried having a sit down heart to heart chat with her and it just didn't work.

For the past couple of months she has army crawled all over the place/the little leap frog(getting on hands and knees and lunging forward) and in the last two weeks has started doing a full crawl. It's so funny cause if she gets going too fast she falls on her belly and she says forget this and starts her super fast army crawl. I just love it. Sometimes I leave our room just to walk down the hall to hers so I can watch her go her fastest to catch up. Honestly it is just adorable. She now sits up from lying down or walking all by herself. And has decided the hardest thing she can get her mouth on is exactly what she wants to chew on. Mainly church benches, chairs, crib...yes I do believe it is to soothe her mouth from the teething, though at times it grosses me out.

Britlee has been going through the "teething process" since she was about 4 1/2 months old. We could feel a bump in her gums one day and then not the next, those crazy elevator teeth. Then we could see the tooth indents on her gums a couple months ago and as of Monday I could see one tooth!! And now we can feel it. Which is exciting and not so much cause she has a tendency to bite down sometimes when I'm feeding her...OUCH!! She loves blueberries and bananas! I tried offering her raspberries the other day and she decided she is not ready for those yet. She will eat other fruits but they aren't her favorite. She is constantly trying to eat whatever we are eating and just stares as we eat. She even moves her head to watch us. She loves veggies too and the meat she doesn't mind much. She actually ate that better for awhile then the fruit. Too sweet I suppose. She had some avocado's yesterday and ate a few bites and thought it was great and then decided well maybe not. So we shall see.

I seriously cannot believe how much time flies and so fast. She still talks all the time and people still turn to stare at us in public places, especially church. I can't help that my child wants to sing along, share her stories, and testimony right along with everyone else. I love it! She has found a favorite thing she likes to do every morning and I finally got it on video the other day. She loves standing at the end of our bed and tell stories. She stands there and waves, dances, and tells stories. A total crack up! She is our little entertainer.

Justin is enjoying school and work. He is doing amazing at both, yes I might be a little bias but it's true. He actually said yesterday he isn't as stressed about it all as he thought he might be. It's not easy being a full time student, working a part time job, and playing mr. mom at night. But he does great and I think Britlee loves her time with him.

Me, well I feel busy but I'm probably not as busy as most. Britlee and I play constantly and don't do a lot of housework, oops! But I figure since I started working I don't get as much time with her so when I do I want to take full advantage! I work 3 to 4 times a week at H&R Block, which I really enjoy. It's still really hard to leave Britlee for a few hours but I don't cry nearly as often so I think I'm making some sort of progress. The last two weeks have been really busy so I have worked the 6 days a week we are open and for a lot longer hours. It has been hard on us all, but I think we have started adjusting. I can't wait to get back to only 3 days a week. But it's been really fun getting to know people and doing what I actually went to school for. Though I must also admit I can't wait for April 18th cause then I will be ALL done!

Oh my, so cute story. As I'm here typing Britlee woke up and I could hear her talking. I went upstairs and what I find is her sitting in her crib reading her book. SO cute! I wish I would've had my camera to take a picture. Maybe next time. She is quite the reader and story teller so I'm sure it won't be the last time, I'm hoping anyways.

Well I do believe that I should endmy story for now. I have a little girl ready for lunch. Pictures and more stories to come.

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