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Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Weekend

OK I know I am WAY behind on my blogging if I am talking about something that happened weeks ago...
We had a FIRST trip with Britlee! We went to Utah and I must admit I was a little nervous not being sure how Britlee would do in the car. She normally is great in the car, but she has never had to be in it for more than 1 hour at a time, so going for a 4.5 hour drive is a bit different. She did very well! We stopped a couple of times for her to eat and even was able to stop in Centerville to see my great grandma for a short visit so Britlee could meet her Great Great Grandma and Justin could meet her as well. It's funny how we havebeen married for almost 2 years and there are lots of members of my extended family that haven't met him. O well, I am sure he will meet all of them with time.
Our trip was so fun. We sure had a blast with friends and family. Justin and I were able to go see some of the people we met on our missions. It has been a long time since I have seen people so it was nice, I just wish we would have had more time to visit more people...maybe next time.
So really this post is going to be mainly showing pictures and maybe some comments here and there. Oh yes one thing I must say-Britlee slept all night twice while we were on our trip. She hasn't since, but we tired her our enough on vacation that she did. Either that or the Holt's house is lucky! Now the trick is just getting her to do it again and to have me sleep as much as she does. My body is still trying to get used to her not waking up as much. There are many nights that I wake up a few times in between her getting up to eat because I need to check on her because it has been "too long."

Britlee with Grandma and her cousin Eliza.
They met for the first time

Britlee with Grandma and her cousin Clara!
Clara is one month younger exactly

We tried to get the cousins together. Some were not very happy.
We missed Ryder, he couldn't be there with us :(

Britlee is spending quality time with her Uncle Trent and cousin Eliza.
We can say she is cheering that Uncle Trent is snuggling with her,
but really she is stretching. lol Just don't tell anyone :)

Grandpa and Clara

Grandpa with Britlee and Eliza

The girls having tummy time together

Meeting her Great Great Grandma! Wahoo!
We just needed my daddy to have 4 generations! What a cute bunch :)

This is a day we went to visit people, can't you tell she loves it!

Isn't she just SO cute!!


Sadly we did not get any pictures with the 3 girls together, but we will just wait until Christmas after Ryan and Karen's baby girl has arrived and can join in on the fun!!!

The weekend was long, but so fun. A much needed vacation for our family and especially Justin. We hadn't been anywhere together since last fall and Justin has just been doing non-stop work which is no fun. It was fun to be the three of us!! Britlee sure enjoyed it too. She loved getting lots of attention, though I think sometimes she was wondering if it was ever going to end.

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