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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canada, oh Canada...

The adventures or our travel to Canada. Where to begin? Lets just say the start to the trip was a bit rocky. Packing and cleaning the apartment took MUCH longer than planned and hoped for. But we did make it through, thanks to our faithful packers--Justin, Dad, and Cory. I had tried packing all week long and even before than so that it would be so much faster and easier, so really i don't know why it took so long. Owell such is life. I officially hate moving and especially cleaning.
Our trip began with a stop at Aunt Deanne's in Salmon, ID. It was so good to see Deanne and the family. Nice time to relax and just catch up. I remember the days when I would go there all the time, but haven't been there in forever so it was good. Justin went golfing with Brian, Tyler and Tucker. I must brag for a moment and say my husband won!! and not just by a little. LOL. But moving right along. We both of course tortured Deanne and had her give us haircuts. But we were beautiful and ready for our Canada adventure.
I shared a recipe with Deanne and so we made it while we were there and I must say, it turned out fantastic! So delicious, I am actually hungry while I am typing so it is sounding REALLY good about now. We even went fishing. Deanne and I sat and talked while the boys tried catching the fish, and when I say try I really mean that. We saw a bunch jumping but only one was biting and Tyler caught it. He released it but no one else seemed to be able to catch one. The sun was nice, but when the wind started blowing it wasn't so nice. But I survived!
We left the next day and headed for Seattle! About half way through the trip of course I was ready for it to be over, but that was only the beginning. It was a really nice drive and only a few close calls. :)
To our suprise when we arrived at Ryan and Karen's Ryder was still awake. This truly made my day. We were able to play with him for awhile. He was so adorable. After Ryder went to bed we had a nice visit with Karen and Barb and ate some delicious red chili enchiladas! Thank you Barb! Enchiladas are always a wonderful dinner to have--no matter the time or where you are.
I believe that Justin and I slept fantastic that night. After a long day of driving and filling like I could day from exhaustion. After the wonderful rest we had a day filled full of Ryder. The little guy likes to move lots and lots. He laughed so much and smiled, which of course made his Tia Kelli so happy. Honestly it is great to spend time with kids, no matter the age, they always make you feel like the funniest person in the whole world! Ryder was being very stubborn and would not lay down for a nap, it seemed as though he thought he might miss something with the three of us there and him sleeping. Barb had to go home so we took her to the airport and guess what?! Ryder fell asleep instantly in the car. So adorable even when he is sleeping. We were able to see the campus that Karen attends school. Justin saw the golf course of his dreams as we drove to pick Karen. As soon as we got back to the house he of course had to look it up to see the prices and see if it was a public golf course. And of course none of that information was online. When Ryan got in they talked about it and both got very excited and decided to call. Much to their dismay it was a private golf course and they had no chance of going. I think there were tears, but Justin would never admit it. :)
Karen took us to a delicious cupcake shop, which i have to admit had the most amazing cupcakes of my life! So many flavors; lemon (which tasted like the delicious pie), smores, snickerdoodle...Yum Yum!! Ryder and I did a little wondering around and giggled. He loves me, I have got to be his favorite aunt no matter what anyone else thinks! Oh it was so funny. Anytime Justin would say Ryder's name he would turn and stick out his tongue. What a character! It was great. Seattle is a great place and we loved our visit.
When we left Ryan and K's house we honestly had no idea what we were going to do. We had tried calling a friend of ours from our mission, Laurel, but when we left we hadn't heard from her yet. But off we went to enjoy our vacation. Before we even got out of Seattle though Laurel called and offered us her house to stay at that night in Vancouver and to take us out site seeing. Vancouver is beautiful!! Seriously, when we were there we were so excited to be in Canada, I mean who wouldn't be right? Much to our sadness we were informed Alberta is not as pretty as British Colombia, and oh boy were they right. Don't get me wrong, it is still pretty but not nearly as pretty as Vancouver.
We had a wonderful time with Laurel and her husband. They took us all around Vancouver. She is a great tour guide. And that next morning we were on the road again to Calgary to see some other friends--that drive was death. SO pretty but SO long. I honestly never thought it would end. I kept falling asleep hoping it would make the time go by fast, but it didn't. I have no idea how Justin made it through. We don't have a working radio right now so it was so quiet when I was sleeping. We even watch a movie and that didn't even help. Oh goodness after 13 LONG hours we were in Calgary. And much to my dismay the next morning was to bring more driving.
So that night Justin and I snuggled up on a twin mattress and the Ninja Turtle sheets and slept soundly.
Edmonton here we come. Even those 3 hours seemed to last a lifetime, but we made it. Our apartment is great. We only got lost a couple of times trying to find groceries and food. We almsot cried at the grocery store because of the costs, but we made it through and I hope I never feel like that again. It is a horrible idea to go grocery shopping in a new country that is more expensive and you are hungry and exhausted. Just doesn't work for me I guess. Lol but again we made it through and now we are ready for the real adventrue of living in a new country! Go Canada

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  1. This blog is GREAT!! I hadn't read any of them. So this has been fun for me. Keep it up!! But can you remind me occasionally to look at it? Senior moments, you know. Love ya. I especially liked the one about traveling the world - and coming to Kingman!!