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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Justin is definitely getting older! We are waiting on the wiser part, but i am sure that will come--right?? lol JUST KIDDING! As you see these lovely pictures are from Justin's birthday party! We truly had a blast. Our friends came and there was lots of chatting, laughter, and fun! We even imagined to keep it a secret and really did surprise him!
I guess we were too loud because about 8:30pm our neighbors below us started pounding on their ceiling. Sad, but we tried to keep it to a minimum and then by 9:30pm we kinda gave up.
Justin's dad, sister-Melanie, and Mac came as a surprise too! Justin just loved it. He danced around and laughed and just was a really big dork! lol, yes i know he is that way all the time anyways but it was MORE! Can you believe that. Anyways no super good stories from the party, just that we had lots of fun. Some dorky games were played--The greatest game ever, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and some crazy paper clip race game!
Justin is now 24 and as goofy as ever. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

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  1. How fun!! When are we gonna see ya? Happy Birthday Justin! :0) You are a goofy kid anyways...