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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What life has turned into

Who knew that life after graduation could be...well so, how do i put it... enjoyable, relaxing, boring, fantastic, dull, super duper, lonely, feelings full of the need to get out of here... yeah i think all that about covers it. When I was in school I was ALWAYS doing HW. I felt bad for Justin cause he didn't have nearly as much as I did so he would always play on the computer or watch TV or something. I have to admit I got pretty jealous sometimes! But all in all we made it through, but because life is great, the tables have turned. Now Justin has HW and I have absolutely none. Which by the way I am most definitely not complaining about, but it does get pretty lonely. I can't watch TV because than it distracts him and than he takes longer to get it done. I can't talk to him much because once i start i can't shut up and he can never get anything done. So I have read books faster than ever in my life and have played on the computer almost as much, if not more than i did while i was in school but now it is doing things I like and not figuring out amortization schedules or creating databases or writing the programs for it.
So as I am writing Justin is of course doing his HW and I have lazily played on the computer when now I wish I would have taken a nap, but now it is too late and time to make dinner but I really don't want to. I wish it just magically got made. :) that would be SO great, as I am sure that is every wife's dream.
No new news for us. We do the same ol' things all the time. Work, school, tv, reading, hw, cleaning, laundry, and occasionally hang out with some friends. Last week we did 4 activities with other people, certainly a record for us. Justin loved it! He thrives off of interacting with other people so it was really fun.
Just started his training at Jimmy John's this week! He really likes it and looks forward to the store opening up here in Rexburg next week!
Well that is all the exciting news to share on this lovely blog we never update! Maybe I will get better since I have more time, but somehow I doubt it! But the thought counts at least...right?!

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