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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

Does a day go by that you don't laugh? Not me, I laugh every day. My husband is a little weird!!
Justin and I are still doing very well. Just enjoying school and hanging out! :)
Justin has had a few more appointments for selling his Cutco knives so that's good, but some are not so helpful. We went and picked up some more cards yesterday so now I can continue doing our thank you cards! Which PS I tell ya those things really aren't as fun as you would think after awhile.
It has started to get cold so we turned on the heater the other night. I was still sitting under a blanket and Justin couldn't sit next to me because he was sweating--we obviously don't have the same body temperature. lol. I agreed not to have the heater on while we sleep so that he doesn't die so I go to sleep with socks, sweats, and a hoodie! Such fun, but I think I'm used to it :) I think our downstairs neighbors have turned on their heater now because yesterday it was warm in our apartment and we didn't even have the heater on so that is really nice! saves us money!!! Going along with why we don't sleep with the heater on I have a story! Justin said we could if he could sleep naked I laughed and said he could try because a few weeks ago Justin was so hot cause we don't have air conditioning, that he decided to just sleep in his underwear and not have the extra heat of the extra layers. By the time we woke up in the morning he had his clothes back on. I asked him why and he said he had no idea--apparently he can't sleep in just underwear so I'm guessing he can't sleep naked!
So as you see, he is WEIRD!! lol but who would want to sleep naked anyways--certainly no one, i'm SURE of it!
So the days and weeks have gotten much colder. We wake up every morning with the temperature in the negatives, yes that's right-the negatives! I hate this, but in all reality it is a great place to be. The semester is coming to a close and I'm almost done. In approximately 10 days I will be a college graduate!! Can you believe it, yeah well neither can we :) But I'm excited.
So next week family is coming to town to celebrate! My wonderful parents, my husband, and auntie Mommies and my uncle!! What a time it will be. PARTY!!!!!!
We got some of our wedding pictures from our photographer the other day, we were ecstatic! they look so great, but anyways no one wants to know that.
We are both feeling a little lonely with the semester coming to an end and Cory is leaving to go back home to work and save money. What are we going to do? No one to spend Sunday afternoons with. Sad days. But than again I have a feeling I will be seeing a lot less of Justin next semester. His best friend will be back up here and so will his cousin! So fun for them, but kinda sad for me, I need to make new! Maybe I will travel the world--lol the world of Salmon, ID, Los Alamos, and Kingman, AZ! That sounds like a FANTASTIC plan to me, but more of a dream than a reality.
Well as much as I love to write on this it isn't that interesting. I am still waiting for Justin to take his turn and tell some great story. If you agree let us know. He needs a little encouragement! Well there is our update. Christmas is coming soon!

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  1. hey! Your wonderful sister-in-law and cute nephew are coming to your graduation too! :-P