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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Adventures of the visiting.

So it has definitely been awhile since we updated the blog--oops. Things just get crazy busy I guess and you don't realize how fast time flies. In May I was able to go out to Colorado to see Justin! It was a great time. My mom came as well, Dad couldn't make it because he was at home helping Cory out as he had just finished another eye surgery. Mom and I were able to spend some time together, just us girls and I got Justin's ring!! It was fun and he doesn't get to see it until we are married! So mom and I had fun doing that!
Justin's mom was so sweet and put together a shower for Justin and I so I could meet some of their friends. It was just a great chance to get to know some family and friends a little better. We had a blast with eating and opening the wonderful gifts we received. It was funny as I am not one that likes to rip off wrapping paper and Justin's dad just did not like that. So I made Justin start helping me so I wouldn't be attached with marshmallow's anymore :) It really was a nice party and very enjoyable.
Justin and I also had the opportunity to take our engagement pictures, which was of course fun. I swear the weather was nice just for that time. It had rained a lot of the week before and that weekend. I think it just stopped right before we took pictures and started again right after we were done. So that was very nice! I was happy though my hair at times still went crazy because of the slight humidity after the rain but owell, it happens. We enjoyed ourselves anyways. Afterwards we were able to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Texas Roadhouse and had amazing food. The chicken was perfect and so was the steak!
It was of course a great weekend, too short as always but so nice to see him. It was nice that our parents were able to finally meet! and it went well!! :) Of course, why wouldn't it--but you never know :)
I swear I had never had as many embarrassing moments in front of Justin as I did that weekend, so that was a definite downfall, but it kept him laughing so that was good! Let's see...I tripped over my own feet a few times which is never a good thing as I nearly face planted it every time. I stalled his car in from of him and most of his family. I just wasn't paying attention and didn't think to push in the clutch when I started that dumb car--oops. I almost didn't want to ever come back to the house I was SO embarrassed, Justin still laughs about it of course. Let's see what else did I do that wasn't so bright...I don't know so hopefully that was it, but for some reason I'm doubting it. Oh and I burped and his mom and sister heard it from downstairs! Justin thought it was so funny and so did I until his mom came up and accused him of being gross and instead of being the sweet guy I know he is and taking the blame--he didn't. He 100% without a single thought blamed it on me. SO embarrassing, but life I suppose. He loved it, but still to this day I'm thinking he should have taken the blame for it.
Justin was also able to come to Rexburg to see me!! It was SO great. I loved every minute of it. It was hard to sit through classes when I just wanted to be with him, but other than that it was great. He somehow pulled it off. His boss is cranky :) and said he could never have time off but Justin braved it after a couple months of working and asked for if he could leave! I was thrilled. Justin and I had the opportunity to go and visit grandpa in Pocatello and grandma came to see us as well. So he was able to meet two of my favorite people! which of course is great since I always swore I would never marry a man that hadn't met my family, my grandparents, to two auntie mommies, and my best friend. We only made it half way there, but that is better than it looked like it would be. Grandpa was great as always and had some giggles for us.
We went to see Deanne, Brian and the boys in Salmon. What a long drive but so worth it! It really isn't that far, and for once I didn't have to drive it, Justin did! What a sweet man. We went down and had some dinner and some visiting. We couldn't stay because I had to be back for school the next morning, but we had delicious food and some good laughs. I'm so glad he was able to meet them.
Let's see what else did we do. Oh yeah! Justin got to experience for the first time my cooking! Oh lucky him. We had green chile chicken enchiladas! It didn't turn out too bad, but seriously I think that I've made them better. But he was so sweet and said they were great. He and Dustin ate the whole pan, with mine and Becca's help of course, just to make me feel good.
Justin and I finally found a place to live! I had been looking, but secretly was holding off the decision hoping he would come and visit to help me decide. Seriously it is a lot of pressure to find somewhere to live that will make both of you happy and one not having seen it before. I just didn't want to do it all alone. Yes, i'm a a spoiled girl!
It was so fun to have him here. I didn't do a ton of homework, but still had to do a lot. I can't wait to get married!!!!!! It is coming up so soon!
When Justin came something went wrong. Yes, can you believe it. It was so great though, don't tell him I said that. He had to stay an extra day because his car had to be taken to the shop! It was sad because he had to miss work and drive ALL night and barely made it in time to shower and go to work, but it was good too because I got to spend another day with him. Sadly I had to leave him to catch my plane to go home for the 4th of July and his car didn't get done til after 9:30pm. I felt terrible, I had left at 3pm. But he still loves me so thats good. :)
There is our update! We are so excited about getting married. The best thing will be that we get to see each other EVERY day! no more long distance and lame chats on Skype! lol

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