Two Crazy Kids


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oregon Visit

Justin came to visit me in Oregon for a week! During Justin's spring break he was able to come and visit me in Oregon! I'm sure it was the longest week of his life seeing as I still had to work, but he survived. He flew into Portland and jumped on the Greyhound bus to Grants Pass so I could pick him up after I got off work. I stayed at work as long as possible, but seriously was WAY too excited he was coming so I had to leave. His bus, was of course late :( So I wandered around Walmart, went to the house I was house-sitting and watched some tv and then FINALLY he was there!! What a great day it was to see him. We stayed up late every night talking and watching movies! Not enough sleep, but certainly was worth it. We designed our announcements to how we want them so we can just insert our pictures once they are taken! We had a date night at the movies--went and saw "Mall Cop." SO funny. There was only one other couple in the theatre so of course at the funny parts being the loud laughers that we are, i'm sure it felt like there were at least 10 other people in the room to the other couple. But we had fun and enjoyed the movie. We visited a lot with the couple I lived with, Doug and Ruth. I subjected Justin to the fun torture of meeting my "boyfriends" and wrestling. These boyfriends are of course a 5 year old and a 3 year old of friends of my family's from New Mexico. They lived out there for awhile and went to church with my parents and ended up in Grants Pass. I enjoyed my visits to their house, the Ladesma's that is, because I got my wrestling time in. Owen and Davis LOVE to wrestle! They think it is the greatest thing in the world. They loved Justin because he is a boy and boy's of course are so much more fun to wrestle with. Cory had come to visit with my mom a couple weeks before and they loved him. So after two seperate visits and me bringing a boy each time, they were highly disappointed when the next time I showed up by myself :).
Justin spent his days while i was working watching movies, checking his email, going to the movies with Doug, and taking naps. What a life!
Finally on the weekend we headed up to Portland to register for our gifts for the wedding! We had it all planned out. We were gonna go and then spend the next couple of days with his aunt and uncle there. Sadly the night before they called and Justin's great aunt had died so they were leaving town to go to Utah for the funeral. OH NO! I mean thats great they were able to go, but what about me and Justin. He was flying out of Portland early Monday morning so we had to be there. So we decided to head up to Seattle! No big deal, its only 3 extra hours. So we went to Seattle to spend the weekend with my sister-in-law. We were able to visit, get some great food, and try and convince that baby to come so we could be there. Of course the baby didn't cooperate but we had fun anyways. We went to the space needle and the markets where they sell the fish and what not downtown. Lots of laughs and eating and resting.
Justin's flight was supposed to leave at 6am from Portland, so that I would have time to get back to Grants Pass for work-but since I didn't have anything to do they told me to take Monday off! Sweet! So because we were exhausted and the thought of leaving at 1:30 in the morning just seemed horrible, we changed his flight! The real reason I made him do it was so that I could spend more time with him--i'm so sneaky:)
I was SO sad to watch him leave. It was so hard, but knowing I would see him in just a couple weeks made it some what bearable. You see I promised his mom I would let him go home and I wouldn't keep him. Not a very smart thing, because the time has been stretched out for when I get to see him again. Now instead of just one month in between it is going to be two. TWO--that is just too many. but so far we are surviving. We both downloaded Skype so that we could chat online and see each other with our web cameras. It's so fun! Not quite the same, but I guess it will have to do.
So now we are just doing the wedding plans over the phone. They are plugging along little by little. More dress shopping this weekend, hopefully its the lucky weekend. We have less than four months til we get married-almost 3!!!!!!


  1. I love hearing about your life!! It sounds so fun and I kinda miss it. :0~
    Have a great semester~

  2. sounds like the eventful weekend! has that baby come yet? WHen are we gonna hang out again?