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Monday, February 3, 2014

And a Happy New Year

Can I just say WOW! I know I always say I'm going to be better with this blog but that just isn't happening. It makes me sad but hey I've got good intentions. I feel SO blessed I wish I would write more often so I can share all the reasons why with my avid readers- haha!

Every year seems to bring such joy and 2013 was no different. There are always changes that occur in our family because of jobs, school, Britlee, family...the list is endless but our biggest change in 2013 was that of adding to our small little family. And that my friends is a cause for celebration! There is nothing greater in this world then my family. My little children and my husband are what life is all about. There are of course ups and downs and life sure is a roller coaster, but at the end of the day whether I'm on the verge of tears or dancing around it sure is the best day ever!

We weren't expecting our little guy until the beginning of January, but as always my children like to keep me on my toes. He sure surprised us and came in December, which I might add YAY!! For many reasons that is, one being--he's my little tax deduction :)

As you all know we were not finding out what the gender of this baby was because I LOVE surprises. Ok that is not true at all, in all honesty I really don't like them. I'm not much of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kinda gal, I like knowing what is happening. But for some reason when it comes to having babies I really really want to be surprised on their gender. With Britlee, Justin just wasn't giving in to that desire SO we found out but then he promised me when we got pregnant again we could keep it a surprise. And he kept his word. I know at times that was hard for him, but I think when our little guy was born, just like me, he fell in love with the idea of waiting and loved that anticipated feeling! Seriously it was so exciting!

So now to the good stuff, the stuff you are all waiting for right--my birth story! Ha, well I hope you are otherwise I'd probably stop reading because that is what I'm going to share. I love sharing the stories of my little miracles.

On the 27th (of December that is) I felt fantastic. I finally didn't feel too exhausted--that should have been my first clue. I cut my dad's hair, played, and sadly had a work training in Idaho Falls that night. I didn't look too forward to that because it went until 9pm, which means I wouldn't get home until almost 10 and then getting ready for bed so I was looking at the earliest bed time of 10:30. You might all be thinking--whoopie--but seriously usually I was in bed BEFORE 10pm. I was just too tired and since I couldn't sleep too well, with being uncomfortable and all and thinking about all the things I needed to get done going to bed before 10pm helped me get a few hours of sleep every night. The later I would stay up usually meant the less sleep I would get in the night-ironic right! LOL yes I realize that of course that's how that works but when you're up by 2 or 3 every morning and then your lucky if you can fall back to sleep by 6 going to bed before 10pm becomes priceless. Ok so over with the random rant. So I went to my training, chatted with friends there, stopped at the store to get some stuff for Britlee and home I went. The training ended a little early so I was EXTREMELY excited.

I went to bed that night, now I have no idea when but I got some sleep. When I woke up the next morning around 8am I felt kinda funny! So I thought, "oh I gotta go to the bathroom." Nope that wasn't it, so I got in the tub. You know that's the best thing to do when you don't feel good or want to relax. I then started to have contractions. This wasn't too unusual because I had been having those teasers for weeks. But this time I just had a feeling they were different. So I started to time them. 5-6 minutes apart, hey thats not bad I thought. So I got out of the bath after about a half hour I would say and started going about the rest of my day. We had promised Britlee we would go on campus to "exercise" so we all got dressed for the occasion. She was dancing around cause she was so excited. Now at this point my idea of exercise was walking around the track, which she loved because before we left I would let her out of her stroller and let her run around the track as much as she wanted.

We got ready, had some breakfast, and all the while I'm still having contractions or surges as I like to call them. About 9:30am I was telling Justin, "if not today I believe we will be having a baby by tomorrow, I'm sure of it." While eating breakfast I had a surge so I closed my eyes so I could focus and not allow myself to feel the pain. Britlee shouts "Hey it's not night night time, the sun is up!" I couldn't help but laugh. Seriously she is so funny and was very concerned I was trying to go back to sleep.

Justin started to get all excited and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I told him to relax because he was making me too nervous. He said he couldn't he was so excited we could be having a baby today!

My surges were getting closer and of course not going away so I knew time was coming close. I called my mom to tell her we were going to start getting ready to head to the hospital so whenever she and dad could they could come over--they were cleaning the church and I didn't want to make them leave. So I called Uncle Cory and asked him to come over. Of course I woke him up, what a lazy bum, but when he heard I was going to the hospital because it was baby time I heard him jump right out of bed and he was at our house within 15 minutes. I'd never seen him move so fast lol. While we waited for Cory Justin showered and I started cleaning up and explaining to Britlee that today was the day and we were going to the hospital to have the baby. She was SO excited she was running around the house singing and dancing saying Grandma and Grandpa are coming to stay with me so momma can go have the baby. It was so fun to watch her.

We called the midwife, Rachel,  and told her we were heading to the hospital. She lives 30 minutes away so she needed some notice. She asked us to go to the office first and get checked so we could see the progress. When we arrived we found out the dr had just been called to the hospital to deliver a baby so he wouldn't be able to check my progress. The lady at the desk didn't believe I was in labor at first, she said I was too calm and relaxed--that's what I like to hear!! That's the point :) Anyways we called the midwife to let her know we would just go to the hospital and see her there. She said just to wait there for her because she had another patient coming in that she needed to check. So we waited, but my surges were getting closer and I was thinking that we were going to be having the baby in the dr's office all by ourselves. My surges were 2 minutes at this point and I told Justin we needed to leave. So we left the room and in walked the midwife. She's got really good timing! Rachel checked me and said sure enough I was in labor--I had no doubts--I was 6cm dilated and 100% effaced. It was about 11am and we headed to the hospital and she was going to meet us there. At the hospital they let us in and started getting everything ready. Asking SO many questions, it was kind of annoying. I know that's what is supposed to happen but I was trying to relax so I could have my baby! I needed to get into the zone! But that sounds mean, lol it really wasn't too bad but there were moments. They hooked me up to the monitors to see how the baby and I were doing with each surge. I told them I was ready to get into the tub to help me relax, but then I also mentioned I was ready to push so that was the end of that idea! Rachel then showed up and by 11:45am my little Rustin James was born. Justin kept saying, "it's a boy!" He was so excited and we just couldn't believe how lucky we were to have another healthy baby and be able to bring him into the world natural and just the way I had imagined it yet again. There is honestly nothing better then the first time they look at you and just seem to recognize you right away. He was perfect and was almost instantly ready to eat. :) That's my boy!! I got to snuggle him for a long time and feed him and just enjoy having another baby! Honestly he was perfect.

I couldn't wait for Britlee to be able to come and meet him. After cleaning up and everything we got transported to the mommy and baby wing, we found out because of the time of year and all the cases of flu and other sicknesses they were not allowing kids. AGHHH!! I couldn't believe it, I cried. I wanted my little angel to come and meet our new little angel. Uncle Cory came to visit and then a couple hours later mom and dad came. They took turns coming in so someone would be out in the waiting wing with Britlee. We just couldn't let Britlee not see him so Justin took him to the door and help him up in the window so Britlee could see him. She was so excited! She couldn't hold him or come in but she got to see him. And I tell you when we actually came home and she saw him there was NOTHING more precious then her excitement and instant love for him.

Ok so that was a LONG story! Thanks for reading it and putting up with the blabbing. I am so grateful for the support of my husband and his help in being my partner. He is the BEST guy to have by my side when having a baby. He is so positive and always cheering me on. I feel like I can do anything with him by my side. We now have two beautiful children and we couldn't be happier. We love our angels, Britlee and Rustin!! We are truly blessed.

Life is perfect and I've aged like ten years in the last month with little sleep and trying to keep a sweet sister from loving her brother a little too much. lol. Britlee is honestly a HUGE help and she just adores Rustin! 2013 was a wonderful addition to our lives and we look forward to 2014!! We love our family and friends and thank you for your support and love.

I'll post pictures of my munchkins soon!! (I promise)

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  1. that was a long story...I kept scanning and stopping & scanning & stopping. :0) Thanks for the l-o-n-g- story! :0)