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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Girls Don't Cry!

Ok seriously I believe I have the best daughter in the whole world. Yes I am bias, but I am sure you would all have to agree, she is such a good baby. She hardly ever cries, only when she is super tired and hungry. May 29th (last week) was Britlee's baby blessing. Since she doesn't sleep all the time anymore I was kind of nervous that she would cry through it all, so to help avoid this I left Sunday school class at church to feed her to make sure she wouldn't freak out in the middle of Sacrament Meeting because she was starving. As Sacrament Meeting started Britlee woke up and I thought oh boy this will be interesting. But in the meantime I kept teasing Justin because he was so nervous--he never gets nervous so I have to take advantage whenever I can.
The time for the blessing came and Britlee was WIDE awake and stayed awake the WHOLE time! Not one peep!! Apparently she just stared at everyone. Ok now you totally understand why I say I have the BEST daughter. Most babies if they are awake just cry and scream, but not mine! I was so proud :) And not only that but she was/is beautiful.

7 weeks old and Blessing Day! Britlee's Great Grandma's

Britlee in her cloth diaper Britlee just being super adorable

The last couple of weeks it seems as though the weather has been, lets say...very unenjoyable. It has been very wet and rainy. I really have not been enjoying it, Britlee and I just want to get out and play and go for walks. We have tried to be patient, but I must admit my patience was running thin. And than the best day ever came. Friday was sunny but a little chilly so we decided to stay indoors, well until probably around 7pm and we just couldn't handle it anymore. I wrapped my Moby Wrap around me and stuck Britlee inside and we went for a walk to drop some cookies off at our friends' house. Best decision we could have made. It was so nice to get out, we got to socialize, and we even got invited out to get a snow cone. Really no better thing could have happened. Even Justin got off work early so he got to go with us.
Saturday came and the weather was FANTASTIC! I fell in love with Rexburg all over again. I was starting to really wonder if I liked it here anymore, but yes, yes I do!! Justin got home from work and we finished preparing for our picnic and headed over to the park!! Britlee had her adorable sun hat on, which was so cute! We had friends that joined us and so did Uncle Cory and his roommates. The football was thrown around, mitts brought out to play catch, and lots of laughter was shared. I love summer!!!! I can't wait for more picnics and walks outside.

Yep, the cutest thing in the whole world

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