Two Crazy Kids


Monday, September 21, 2009


It finally happened--We got married!! How excited are we, seriously it has been about 6 weeks and life is wonderful. After 6 months of planning and for the misery of being apart we truly are married. We had a wonderful day! The day was perfect and really couldn't have been better. We had a great photographer and videographer and honestly we can't wait for the pictures and video so that we can have reminiscing moments again and again!
Justin is fantastic! He and I are both going to school this semester. We get to spend lots of time together. Soon that will change as he is on a golf team at school and has practice starting this week for a couple of hours. So Wednesdays will not be my favorite day, but I think we might survive--hopefully. We both are enjoying school, it is my last semester so I just tell myself everyday, "It's almost over!" I know pathetic when there are about 3 more months to go. But really I just can't help it, I have been doing this forever.
Well I just wanted to do an update and just say life is wonderful! We are so happy and love spending every day together. We will have to take more fun pictures to show our wonderful personalities! And maybe we will had some more flavor and Justin will add his two cents on life! Seriously I keep trying to get him to post so that it isn't just me, but you know boys--"I don't know what to say!" Gotta love it! I sure do.


  1. We gotta see you two!!:0) The wedding looked wonderful!